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Welcome to Wobbin.com

Wobbin’s mission is to visit every country around the world. See each of The Seven Wonders. And then travel into SPACE! But we need your help to do it. Each one of you that takes up this challenge will add another dot on the huge map above that will represent your day with Wobbin. All we ask is that you then share that day with us in pictures and tell us your story.

That’s where the power of this idea comes to life. We just want to get as many people as possible sharing their journeys with each other, and telling their story. Even if you take pictures in your own neighborhood. We hope in the end that it will inspire people to travel, or learn something new about a location they may never get to visit. But who knows…….. maybe you will one day? Just make sure you don’t forget your Wobbin!

A 3d printed figurine that wants to visit every country in the World! And then travel into SPACE!!
We use a 3d printer and wooden filament to produce each one. The entire process takes about 3-6 hours and depends on how much we have to clean up the finished product. This means that each one has some very unique characteristics, all while keeping that trademarked look. Each one we produce will then be shipped out to you as soon as possible.
He takes pictures in small towns, large cities, and even famous landmarks. Then shares them with his followers on this website and our many social media platforms!
To promote travel and experiences that may inspire you to visit the locations on your next trip. And to teach you the local history and great stories shared by the locals along the way.
You can order now from Amazon. Or, visit our “Request ” page and fill out all the information on the form and pay the $12.99, then wait to receive your Wobbin.  Then take him on a trip with you. You can even take pictures in your own home, because it all counts. All you then have to do is  just tell us about your trip. That’s it!

Meet Wobbin – Intro Video

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Keep up to date with all the latest pictures and information by following us on social media. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube and hope that you can join us there to start a conversation! We look forward to meeting you all.

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You can now buy directly from the Amazon store or via the smart-phone app. The current price is $12.99 + shipping, but we hope to be able to offer free two-day shipping soon by using the Amazon Prime service. And please leave a review if you do! We would really appreciate it.

Wobbin on Amazon Prime

Here are a few quotes that we have received from various fans. Please feel free to keep sending in the awesome comments and stories for us to share with everyone else.

My favorite nephew’s bday was today and guess what…yep…he saw Wobbin and asked for it. So I gave it for him as a bday gift.Mou T
Love the concept!!…. 😉Arbley
We were getting some pretty strange and inquisitive looks from people during our Wobbin photoshoot! Some even asked about it! Great idea!!Debbie


The Latest pictures:

Check out some of the latest pictures uploaded to our site. You may even find your own in there? We try our best to make sure every picture is of the best possible quality, but some might be a little less than perfect. Most of our images have been taken on smart phones and tablets, and some do include cool looking filters. On occasion we do have to edit the images to get them as sharp and clear as possible.


Wobbin of the Week

Pretty soon we will be starting a fun competition called, Wobbin of the week. Each week we will vote on the top-rated customized Wobbin. This means that you can get creative with the little guy and paint, stain, or just dress him up as you see fit? Then just upload your pictures to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and make sure to tag us in them. From that point we will then share your posts on our website and on social media to start collection likes and votes. Each weeks winner will get a T-shirt sent to them as a celebration of their win! Plus, they will get featured on our blog with the story behind their creation. So get painting!;)

Thank you for all your support so far! Wobbin has really started to take off in so many crazy ways, and even though we just started this journey. It’s clear that he is heading in the right direction! So we just want to thank you all for the support, the social shares, and most of all. Thank you for sharing your adventures with Wobbin and the rest of us! Please keep ’em coming!;)

Where is Wobbin being shipped this week?

Each week we send out a few more packages to people around the world. We hope to expand our reach to as many people as possible. And hope that we get many more cool pictures in return. However, if you know someone who might be interested in receiving a package, then please feel free to fill out our contact form and let us know. Or even better, share our website or some of our pictures on social media and tag a few friends.


 New Zealand



The Wobbin Drop?

What is the Wobbin Drop?

We visit a city and take Wobbin with us. We then find a pretty cool hiding place and leave him to hopefully be found by a cool new owner!

What if I found a Wobbin Drop?

AWESOME! Congratulations! Now, we hope that you take him with you and record your journey with him for the rest of us to see.

What happens next?

We can then share your pictures and story on our website and around social media with other fans. Plus, you helped us mark another dot on the map! You are basically famous!;)

Just as a quick side-note to answer some of the questions we have been getting. We will now be adding GPS coordinates to each Drop we perform! Make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know where each new one is.