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Welcome to! Discover what the new Wobbin craze is all about by watching this short video. Then, take a look around the website to see just how far our tiny friend has traveled.

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Wobbin interview with Alan Garcia Arriaga.

Wobbin owner Interview with Alan Garcia Arriaga

We are kicking off a new series of interviews with Wobbin owners from all over the world! Each interview will be in a question and answer format to find out as much information about the person as possible. This could include travel tips, regional information and hotspots often overlooked by tourists, and it will also give […]

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Trajineras in, Xochimilco, Mexico City

Wobbin visits Xochimilco, Mexico City.

For his first trip to Mexico, Wobbin visited his new friend,  Alan Garcia Arriaga. This trip was a little different to the rest because Alan didn’t buy Wobbin, and we didn’t send him over either. In fact, Alan used his own 3D printer to print Wobbin using our file that we emailed him a few weeks ago! […]

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Wobbin in front of Mount Washinhton

Wobbin visits New Hampshire, USA.

Wobbin took his first trip to the glorious State of New Hampshire, recently. He wanted to see mountains, wildlife, and maybe even his first sight of winter snow? If you love the outdoors like, Wobbin. Then you wouldn’t be disappointed to take a trip to the State that “Live Free or Die!” That is the […]

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Wobbin world tour 2016

Check out the latest Wobbin trips and adventures he has taken with people from all over the world.

Latest Wobbin Pictures

  • Trajineras in, Xochimilco, Mexico City
  • Wobbin with Mount Washington in the background
  • Flower market in Nativitas, Mexico City
  • Wobbin points out over Cathedral Ledge and Echo Lake in New Hampshire
  • Wobbin stands on the train tracks
  • Wobbin on the Inveraray beach with a boat in the background
  • Wobbin standing in the middle of The Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire.
  • Wobbin chillin'
  • Arjeen holds Wobbin up at the Taj Mahal
  • Wobbin stands in front of some Boston boats
  • Mickey Mouse finally meets Wobbin.
  • Wobbin on Inveraray main street
  • church-of-san-bernardino-in-mexico-city-1

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